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Overflowing water because of blocked gutters causes extensive damp on the outside of your building and mould on the inside as it is absorbed by the bricks. Gutters direct rainfall away from buildings to protect foundations and the outer skin of the property. Cleaning gutters helps avoid costly repairs and ideally should be done twice a year.

There are over 3000 serious domestic accidents each year among people trying to clean their gutters themselves. Because we use the Gutter Vacuum System we don't need expensive scaffolding and can therefore offer very competitive prices starting from as little as £60.00.


The Gutter Vacuum allows the cleaning of commercial and domestic gutters up to your 3rd storey. The suction head is simply run along the length of the gutter to remove debris. To remove heavily impacted soilage or rooted saplings it may be necessary to break up the debris into manageable sizes with a gutter spike. Special swivel flexi head brushes allow the cleaning of surfaces at any angle.

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